“What comes next Mr Living, what comes next after such a long, wet Winter??”

Let me tell you what comes next,……LIFE. Life of all sorts, from flowers and plants to bugs and alligator lizards. Winged insects of every kind will be out soon looking to make a new home. For some reason it’s always the wasps that want to nest in the garage door hinges ;). Soon the frogs will be croaking. We have a small pond feature just outside our kitchen and once they start croaking they just get louder and louder until one day in April when they all suddenly stop….weird.

Mosquito’s, damn mosquitos. Once it gets above 50 degrees on a regular basis the mosquitos will be everywhere. I’m thinking about getting a zapper just for the garage, they love hanging out in the shade of the garage during the mid day sun but until then…well,…I just love the taste of DEET in the morning 😉

We definitely look forward to Spring and all the life it brings and after one of the wettest Winters in recent memory it will be a nice break……(until fire season starts 😉



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