When to go to Yosemite

Any time is a good time to go to Yosemite but if you could pick a special time of year to go, there are extra special times. Number one on my list is: When No One Else is THERE! (good luck with that one, I do have a certain date that works for me but if I were to tell you …it would be like telling you where my favorite fishing hole is 😉 Next is Winter in Yosemite. The ridge tops with the falls, the Merced river with snow all around,…just magical. Next would be in May or Spring when the falls are full and the topper to Spring is when the dogwoods are in bloom. It makes it extra fun if you can go one of these times of year especially if you are a photog but no matter when you go or what type of weather is there it definitely is an awesome place on the face of the Earth.

These photo’s below were taken last May. We came into the valley from Merced and I rented a camera lens for this trip so I wanted to go and test the light at various places starting with Valley View. We pulled into the Valley View parking lot right behind a shuttle bus (great if all you wanted was the backs of heads looking at the view), the valley was overcast and hazy. We headed down the loop, turned a corner and damn if we didn’t almost rear end a car stopped in the middle of the road looking up at El Capitan (being aware of this possibility is a must in places like Yosemite and Yellowstone….for some reason 😉 We “pulled over” to see the perspective of El Capitan from that angle, it was still overcast. Next we stopped at the Sentinel Bridge to get that perspective of Yosemite Falls, the fog lifted to give us this shot below 😉

The thing is, when you are taking photographs on a limited time schedule, you take what is given to you. You make the best out of the fog and overcast skies, the shade and the shadows and even the bright sun and when you do that…..photography becomes fun 😉

Yosemite Falls from near the Sentinel bridge

All photos by Gold Country Photography (camera lens rented at – http://actioncamera.com Roseville, Ca. )

This is taken from a trail which goes from the Yosemite Lodge to the Sentinel Bridge

Glacier Point, 3,000 feet above the valley floor.

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