When’s the best time of year to treat yourself to an adventure?

Well, that all depends on your point of view. If you are a snow skier, just after a dry powder snowage. If you are a boater, on a warm to hot weekend after a “normal” rainfall Winter. For us, it is “off season”. “OFF-SEASON” defined by the Forestliving&Wignels Dictionary means: When the kids are in school!!…and now that the kiddies are back at it maybe it’s time to treat yourselves to a perfect adventure.

…”but where Forest Living, where do you suggest?”, well how about a five star lodge with an award winning restaurant, rated one of the top 10 ¬†“Greenest” hotels in the COUNTRY!!? ….oh and did I happen to mention it’s located¬†in one the most beautiful vacation spots on planet Earth, Lake Tahoe??

That’s right, Cedar Glen Lodge in Tahoe Vista!! Incredible place with incredible views and incredible food can only result in a Fantastic adventure. Rated 5 stars by Trip Advisor with 779 Reviews!

Here, check out their website and below the picture check out Trip Advisor,……You Are Welcome..;)


cedar glen

Trip Advisor

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