White House Goodies – Chicago Park, Ca – Nevada County

Our Chicago Park friends make the most fabulous goodies but they can only be found locally. I took this photo of their setup at the Nevada County Growers Market at the North Star House in Grass Valley.

 “Sweet and savory goodies ranging from our famous granolas and trail mixes to our specialty vinegars! With more items coming!” – White House Goodies

To find them and the Nevada County Growers Market go to their Facebook pages here

White House Goodies

Nevada County Growers Market


5 Replies to “White House Goodies – Chicago Park, Ca – Nevada County”

  1. I love Randy and Kathy White, The nicest folks around! And they just so happen to make the best seasonings in town! Your kitchen will never be the same, once you’ve tried them! You’re missing out until you try it!

  2. While visiting Grass Valley area, my Aunt Camille Cash and her daughter Donna Schoni took us to a store there in Grass Valley. I purchased a carrot cake mix by you. I finally got around to baking it and I may have to drive the long drive to get another mix because my husband and son in law went nuts over it. We live south of Little Rock Ar. Any way you would part with a recipe for it or how to get another one? Thanks

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