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Our core value is to provide a fun, kind, and welcoming environment for everyone to engage in creative projects.


Connect. Create. Community.

The Modern Makers mission is to provide a safe, kind, and welcoming environment for people of all ages, cultures and abilities, to gather and engage in creative projects that inspire interaction and promote community.

Connect. Modern Makers has always been about embracing interaction and encouraging exchange. The concept first began when founder/owner Debbie Carty was searching for a fun and non-competitive way to help her daughter with cerebral palsy connect with classmates. Debbie’s answer would be found in her passion for crafting, and she offered families free knitting lessons and pizza in the safety and comfort of her backyard.
Debbie soon recognized a winning combination as a tight-knit group of participants emerged; one of varied ages, backgrounds and abilities, yet each fully engaged in respectful interaction while exploring artistic expression.

Create. What began as a simple and intimate backyard knitting circle has now evolved to a successful destination store front and online craft supply business that points far beyond knitting needles. Modern Makers offers an emotionally healthy atmosphere with a physically diverse menu of fun activities. Visitors choose from art mediums such as paint, clay, wood, ceramic, paper, fabric and even food. Creativity abounds through individual drop in options, educational projects, themed birthday parties, specialty craft classes and even free events to assure accessibility to all. True to her backyard core values, the Modern Makers studio remains a safe, fun and multi-generational venue that uses art to enliven the senses and nurture the human spirit.

Community. Modern Makers believes that gathering people for creative expression builds a tight-knit and conscious-fit community. Through providing an environment where engagement, conversation, sharing and caring are of paramount importance, the Modern Makers experience strives to make a positive contribution to community. This safe, social playground is achieved not only in the Modern Makers destination store, but also through outreach programs with area libraries, hospitals and summer camps that are designed to share the company mission in the community. Developing positive collaborations with like-minded business and non-profit partners is an on-going priority. Modern Makers recognizes that in a complex world of ever-changing technologies, social media options and peer pressures, the simplicity of the age old art of connecting to create community has limitless inherent value.




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