Yellow Pages? Yelp?? How do you find a plumber???

Recently our 14 year old hot water heater decided to leak a stream of water out of the top, (our laundry room looked like a steam bath). I turned off the cold water supply at the old valve by turning the handle over and over again, which was almost impossible to reach on the other side. While trying to determine where the leak was coming from I was noticing the less than great solder connections and the previous repair work in various places on the copper plumbing. It looked like the plumbing was leaking in two spots and I still don’t know where the stream was coming from but I decided to bite the bullet and call a plumber.

Our Grass Valley area is not really known to be on the Internet and as soon as I quickly looked through the Yelp page I realized where I should try to go,….our local plumbing supply, Sierra Plumbing Supply! I called and asked if they could recommend a plumber after explaining why and the gentleman said ,”Sure, hold on and I’ll get you some names and numbers”. He came right back and started rapid firing name after name and number after number, I stopped him at 5 of them and he said,” you better take a couple more”, so I did.

I started calling the numbers and quickly found out why I needed to take more, they were all out working! I called seven numbers and left seven messages. Within 30 minutes I received a call back from the owner of one of the plumbing companies, Jeff of 49er Plumbing. Jeff said he could be here in 30 minutes but first he was going to check to see if the plumbing supply had a water heater in stock.

He was on time, he helped move the dryer to get to the water heater, he replaced all the jinky plumbing and replaced that awful valve with a single handle 1/4 turn valve, (much better). Three hours, he never paused even with me talking his ear off, (I have NSTRGS, none stop talking retired guy syndrome ;).

He did a great job and I have to thank. The whole point of this blog post is that things work a little differently here in the foothill and forest areas compared to the urban areas. It’s called “Word of Mouth” and it is the whole reason we are here 😉

If you know of a craftsperson or place or company who deserves a Shout-Out, hit us up and we will post them with a link to their website or even with just their business card 😉

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